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Town of Addison
Don and Barbara Daseke
Janiece and Jimmy Niemann

April and Mike Bosworth

Diane and Hal Brierley
Angie and James Canterbury
Liese and Michael Canterbury
Nicholas Even
Laree Hulshoff and Ben Fischer
Frost Bank
Kathleen Messina & Gary Goodwin
The Freedom Foundation
Rainmaker Advertising
The Shubert Foundation
Paul and Norma Shultz
Table 13
Texas Commission on the Arts

Shannon Brame
Anita and Tom Braun
Arlene and John Dayton
Stan Graner & Jim McBride
Elizabeth and Rodney Hand
Holly and Tom Mayer
Larry McCallum
The Nisson Foundation
Eileen and Neil Resnik
The Sapphire Foundation
Slalom Consulting
Laura and Dan Vasquez

Addison Magazine
American Bank of Commerce
Atmos Energy
Rosalind and Mervyn Benjet
Barbara and Bob Bigham: Baylor Oral Health Foundation
Kimberly and Thomas Carter
Communities Foundation of Texas
Ornella and Brian Ellard
Lauren Embrey
Stacey and Philip Griggs
Joanne and John Hare
Doris Jacobs
Margo and Jim Keyes
Liberty Capital Bank
Janeva and Philip Longacre
Mary Kay, Inc.
Robert Mayer, Jr. 
Million Air Dallas
Karol Omlor
Wade W. Owens
Andrea and Keith Redmon
Regions Bank
Sovereign Bank
Deborah and Donnie Staggs

Laura and Michael Adams
Judy Aerdts
Antonio Ristorante
Tim Chase & Eric Powell
The Civic League 
Joe and Carol Dingman
Cindy and Charles Feld
Felicity Fowler & Barry Cowan

Dolly Graul
Callan and Juli harrison
Julie and Ken Hersh
Carrie Huff

Linda And Steven Ivy
Tara Lewis and John Swords
Tamara Lovell and Michael Piper

Lucio Enterprises, Inc.
Georgie and Jack Madden
Lynn and Alan McBee

Dawn Mickey
Katie and Jason Myatt
Suzanne and David Palmlund
Greg Patterson

Angela D. Paulos
Maryanne & Jack Pfeffer
Corky Pledger
Post Properties, Inc.
Kathy Springs & Robert Rizzo
Jacquelin Sewell Taylor
Texas Instruments 
Kelly and Craig Thompson
Glynda Turner & Buddy Frazer

The Westerman Foundation 
Karen Wood
Jonathan Yun

Addison Airport 
Allied Affiliated Funding 
Barbara Elliot Interiors 
Bethany and Derek Blount
Lynn Boyd

Nancy Brenner
Mary Carpenter
David and Mary Ellen Cassman
Rose Colarossi
Dallas Theater Center 
Michael and Cynthia Dowdey
The Dowdey Family 
Edward Baumann Clothiers, Inc.
FASTSIGNS, Carrollton
Susan Foster & Jimmy Murphy

Elizabeth Fratantuono
Guaranty Bank & Trust 
Ford Hall
Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa 
Happy State Bank 
Ida and Ed Hassler
Alyce Heinrich & Dennis Allen
Timothy P. Horan, CPA
Dean Hudson
Imaginuity Interactive 
Integrated Hospitality 
Kahn Charitable Foundation 
Ruth and Bryan Kaminski
Terrence M. Martin
Todd Meier
Methodist Hospital for Surgery 
Michelle Mew
Katie and Jason Myatt
Wanda Parker
William Pfieff
Reagor Dykes Direct Auto, David Thomas 
Mary and Joe Ring
Claudia and Derick Schaefer
Robin and Don Screen
Gladys Shen
Daniel Sherman
Signature Floors & Interiors 
Stockmans Bank, Dylan Dominguez 
Craig Sutton
Libby and Jack Swindle
Ruth Trudeau
United Surgical Partners International 
Larry Waisanen
Don and Sarah Warnecke
Donna and Ron Whitehead
Betty Winkelman
Drs. Amerian Sones & Lawrence Wolinsky
Melissa York and Dennis Lewis

Maureen T. Anderson
Ida Jane  and Doug Bailey
Gail and Joe Barth
Rosemary and David Bennett
Katherine L. Blair
Mary Jo Cater
Peggie and Fendol Chiles
Steven Davis
Kenneth and Greta Fantus
Paul Frank
Goldman and Sachs Company
Ben Haskins
Wendy and Michael Jenkins
Jeanette Johnson
Burdette Katzen
Elaine Klobe
Bill Kritzer

Carole Marlowe
Jenny and Wayne McGurk
Delynda and Kipton Moravec
Rachel Fine and Kyle Moreland
Kate and Keith Newman

Renita and Mark Partin
Richard L. Russell
Joyce Sanders and Bob Lebovitz
Lisa Shardon and Angelo DeFilippo

Diana K. Sheehan
Jack Terrillion
Chris Terry
Ruth and Steve Trudeau
Cathy and Harry True

Lynn and James Vermillion
The Wellik Family Charitable Fund
Barb Wenzel
Betsy Winkle

Michelle Anderson
G. Arianoutsos
B&J Financial Services PLLC 
Curtis Bagley
Jason Barnett
Greta Beckerman
Carobeth and Jack Bennett
Mary and Craig Bevil
Judy Birchfield
Bonnie Bishop
Dorothy Bjorck
Georgene and Jack Bleuler
Cathy Booth
Rebecca and Jeffrey Bottin
Gregory Boydston
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Boyer
Shannon Brame
Janine Brand
Diane Brierley
Diana Briner
Judy Bronaugh
Linda F. Bross
Christina Brown
Mary Brown
Susan Brown
Rosemarie and Brian Byrwa
BJ Cadwalader
Sue Carlson
Eleanor Casey
Diane Cassel
Ellen and Dick Cassidy
Kay Champagne
Linda J. Chianese
Jane Christensen
Cathy Clark
Lee Ann and Robert Colbert
Lydia Conner
Terry Cooper
Jolene Cormier
Patty and Ben Cunningham
Dallas Business Journal 
David Daseke
Judy and Hal Daugherty
Claudia and Scott Davis
Mary Anne Davis
Sharla De Francisco
Joanne Delagrange
Dorothy and Bill Dent
Lauren Dunn
Eileen Elledge
Nancy Ellis-Alves
Ragen and Roy Elterman
Kathleen Engle
Alan Epstein
Stacey Ferrari
Sherry Fletcher
Elna Ford
Deborah Fournerat
Steven Frawley
Anita and Jack Friedman
Mickey and Larry George
Beverly and Joe Goldman
Jane Goodell
Linda Grigsby
Jaquline and Dick Grote
Edna Ground
Margie Gunther
Paula Guthrie
Clay Hancock
Ashley Hanson
Patricia and Scott Hanzl
Sharon Harrison
Lois Sonnier Hart
Rita P. Harvey
Shirley Hastings
Charles Heath
Jo Heinz
Kelli Heinzerling
Leah and Robert Hejl
Marilyn Horton
Anne Hudson
Susan and Charles Hughes
Suan Hughes
Wanda Hughes
Jacquline Jackson
Cynthia Jensen
Marcie and Jack Johnson
Janine Johnson
Mary and Carlton Karlik
Dennis Keys
Carole Klaudt
Kathleen Klaviter
Harold Korin
Florence Krueger
Sandra Lambert
Dr. Ricky Lark & Mr. Rickey Shaum
Leisure and Recreation Concepts, Inc.
Margo and Thomas Levine
Janene and Warren Ludlow
Michelle Lynne, Interiors Group 
Donna Marino
Ashley Markgraf
Helen Martin
Jennifer Martinez
David Mason
Tom Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Basil Masse
Judy Mathis
Gale and Dale Matthews
KC McClain
Lisa McClarney
Ann McCoy
Eileen McDonald
Mary McKinney
Pamela McWilliams
Harriet Mellow
Judy and Tom Metzger
Megan and Andy Meyercord
Rachel and John Michell
Dolores and Michael Miller
Janelle Moore
Andrea Mueller
Teri Nahoolewa
Joan Nesbitt
Myra Newfeld
Vicki Newsom
Barbara and Larry Nouvel
Pond Robinson & Associates LP 
Pat Porter
Rees and Ken Portnoy
Bette Price
Jacki Quigley
Cindy and Robert Quint
Margherita Rader
Mary Anne Mayer Redmond
Louise and Jack P. Reese
Craig Reynolds
Karen Reynolds
Mary and William Rohr
Cynthia Rollow
Judy and Colin Rorrie
Alice Rosen
Irene Rosenberg
Eleanor Roylance
Laura Lee Scherer
Wayne Schindler
Lorrie Semler
William and Crystal Harlow Sherman
Dorothy Shockley
Denise Siedhoff
Joseph Sifferman
Evelyn and Bradley Simmons
Jennifer Simpson
Lisa Sluder

Martha Smith
Baharak Sotudeh
Susan and John Stetter
Melanie Stevens
Marilyn Sullivan
Abby and Rick Tett
The Benevity Community Impact Fund 
David F. Thomas
Betsyanne Tippette
Mary Ellen Todd
Kimberly Truax
Brenda Truitt
Kathleen Turner
Stephanie Vosper
Marsha and Paul Walden
Virginia Wallace
Jan Ward
Virginia Waytena
Elizabeth Weissenborn
Paula Welch
Suzanne and John West
Kathryn and Scott Wheeler
Mary Anne Whibey-Davis
Ken Whitson
Vicky and Mike Wiley
Teresa Wilkin
Carolyn Williams
Betsy Winkleman
Sylvia Wise
Katherine and Alan Wood
Betty Wood
Mary Alice Wynn
Bruce and Jessica Zik

WaterTower Theatre
at the Addison Theatre Centre
15650 Addison Road
Addison, Texas 75001
PH: 972.450.6230
FX: 972.450.6244
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