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Yes. And... - An Artistic Intern's Blog
Yes. And... - An Artistic Intern's Blog
Posted on June 5, 2017 by Kelsey Ervi

WEEK 1 - "Me and My Scanner, My Scanner and Me"

Associate Artistic Director Kelsey Leigh Ervi said, “Hey, you should blog about your experience working as an Intern for the summer!” and happily I obliged.

My name is Tiffany Navarro and I recently joined the WaterTower Theatre team as the Artistic Intern for Summer 2017! I am super excited for the opportunity to learn from some smart and awesome ladies (and dudes), but also the #girlpower leading the WTT Artistic Team. Week 1 is in the bag and there are a ton of awesome things happening at WaterTower that I have the privilege to be a part of.

Oh, I should also probably tell you why I am qualified for this job…I just graduated from Baylor University with my B.F.A. in Theatre Performance and am currently living in Dallas for the first time in my life! I’m from Austin, so Dallas is quite different to me. But I have been very happy living/working here so far because there is so much food to choose from in Addison.

The main project for the first week of my internship has been to tenderly, and with a delicate touch, begin to sort through the hundreds (and I mean HUNDREDS) of scripts that WTT has in their printed library and to help them go digital! #thefuture This project has been sponsored by my learning that the scanner will do all the work for you if you just put the script in the top slot thingy and press a button. You do NOT have to copy each 100+ page play one page at a time. This project has also been sponsored by the podcast “Off Camera with Sam Jones,” which if you don’t listen to you should because it’s famous people talking like they are real humans and not just actors. It’s very interesting to hear successful actors talk about their careers in an informal way while you develop an intimate relationship with the Xerox scanner in the office. The scanner started off being a little coy this week, but it’s slowly warming up to me. I think we’re going to be great friends - maybe more.

In summary, here are a few things I’ve learned during my first week:

  • The Spotlight Gala is tomorrow! Also, it is at a hotel in Addison, NOT in the lobby of the theater. I’m glad I figured that out today instead of tomorrow.
  • Most plays in the history of the world have been written by a man named Steven. (Or at least 30% of the ones we have.)
  • There is a play called The WAL MART-ians that I am interested in reading.
  • There are real people who read plays as part of their job - which is amazing.
  • Native Gardens opens on Monday and you should go see it!
  • My parents still don’t understand that the company is called “WaterTower Theatre” not “The tower where you’re working.”
  • The first rule of improv - and of interning - is “Yes. And...”

See you next week! Thanks for reading! xoxo Miss you already! I’m a blogger now.



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