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WEEK 2 - From Intern to Intern-With-a-(Temporary)-Desk
WEEK 2 - From Intern to Intern-With-a-(Temporary)-Desk
Posted on June 9, 2017 by Kelsey Ervi

I’m ending my second week as an Intern sipping La Criox* and typing up my blog in my new, big office complete with a couch and a window.

My new office is lovely; enough room for anyone to visit and the window is so big I haven’t had to turn the lights on all day! I am thankful for windows that save #electricity. The days of courting a scanner who plays hard to get are well behind me, but the days of kicking my feet up in a rolling chair (with lumbar support) are only just beginning. It sure feels good to reach the top.

The only part of my office that isn’t super “me” yet are all the pictures of our Artistic Director Joanie Schultz and her husband, and her friends, her books on the bookshelves, and her name on the door. The rest of the staff keeps walking by my door eager to ask me important questions, which is very flattering. But then they realize who I am and say things like, “Oh you’re not Joanie,” or “You can’t answer this question—I need Joanie,” or “Hey, you know who you kind of look like? That girl from Shameless…” And then I’m all like, “You mean that girl from Phantom of the Opera, starring Gerard Butler?”

Anyway, Joanie went out of town for the TCG Conference in Portland, OR to mingle with other professional theatre artists, so I figured I’d step in and take her physical, if not symbolic, place in the office, complete with a Dell computer (who has been nothing but friendly towards me, if not a bit handsy). I think the Kodak scanner is getting jealous of my time in my new office, but can you blame him? Last week, I gave him more attention than anyone in the recent past and now I’ve started drifting away. #lovetrianlge

This week I’ve been rotating from scanning plays in an effort to digitize our script library, to recording the production history of WaterTower for our new website (coming soon to an internet near you!) I’ve learned that over the last 20 years WTT’s most produced shows were Rockin’ Christmas Party and The Santaland Diaries. I’m sad I missed all of these productions because who doesn’t love the holidays?!?

Speaking of production history… We opened Native Gardens this week!! If you haven’t seen it - GO! Very funny. Very topical. #nativegardensWTT

What were we doing before Snapchat?

And lastly, Kyle Eric Bradford, WTT’s Patron Services & Community Engagement Manager, and I have become Snapchat friends and it seems to be going well so far.

Things I’ve learned this week:

· Everyone in the office likes chocolate.
· It is hard to “club dance” to “Be Our Guest.”
· Whistle Britches has amazing brunch.
· WaterTower will not be producing the musical Cats in their 2017-2018 Season, sadly.
· I smell like beef.

Bye Bye Bloggie


*Joanie, I am not drinking from your personal stash of LaCroix.

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