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WEEK 3 - A Humble Return to My Roots
WEEK 3 - A Humble Return to My Roots
Posted on June 16, 2017 by Kelsey Ervi

Hello, followers of my blog,

I would like to release an official statement that I, Tiffany, will humbly be giving my big office with a couch and a window back to Joanie Schultz. You may remember Joanie as the Artistic Director of WaterTower Theatre, before she went out of town and I took over her office – and career. Unfortunately, I’m just not at a place in my life where I can accept that kind of responsibility. I’m thinking about getting a dog so I dont know if I will have the time, you know, to be at the office, and I’m thinking of going vegan which will consume a lot of my time too so...

It was sweet to see everyone put on their happy face for my and Joanie’s sake, saying things like, “Joanie is back!” or “Yay, Joanie! We missed you!” or “Hey Tiffany, have you finished scanning the plays yet?” I knew it would take a few days for the staff to get reacquainted with this major shift in power dynamics, but it’s nice to see them try so hard to act like they’re totally fine with me just being an Intern again.

Anyway, my answer to the question above is YES. I FINISHED SCANNING THE PLAYS!!! I have digitized our library of plays onto the server. We have no more unbound plays on paper. Sing, hallelujah! With that, I am pleased to announce my next project – scanning all the printed musicals we have in our script library. SO IF YOU NEED ME I’LL BE AT THE SCANNER. By the way, we’re going on week three of this “summer fling” and he has not bought me dinner once. #amiclingy

Today, I moved on to scanning the musicals and I found a printed picture from my Facebook profile tucked into one of the scripts! As I started my next task, I found more and more of these photos and am expecting to find others as the days go on. Garrett Reeves, our Development & Media Relations Manager, took it upon himself to make me feel super welcomed and appreciated in the office, and I am so thankful. I think this is what some would call an innocent “prank war” which seems like a great bonding activity! So I’ve been thinking of ways to get back at him.

In fact, I would like this blog to serve as an open forum for some good office prank ideas. Please leave a comment with your favorite light-hearted office prank, so that I can thank Garrett for including me in the fun. #prankwars (Don’t worry. Garrett doesn’t believe in the internet, so I’m certain he will never see any of these comments.)

Lastly, I am super excited for this weekend because we are hosting our Season Generals! The auditions will be a great way for local actors to meet Joanie, our new Artistic Director (ever since I had to step down), and Kelsey Leigh Ervi, our Associate Artistic Director! I highly suggest performing monologues from the musical Starlight Express by Andrew Lloyd Weber or a dramatic reading of any recently passed Texas legislation. You are not asked to prepare a song for this audition, but I’ve heard Kelsey is a sucker for “Defying Gravity” and Joanie cries every time she hears the last fifteen minutes of Les Miserables. So break a leg to all those auditioning this weekend!

Things I’ve learned this week:

  • Crazy Ex Girlfriend is a show you need to watch, immediately.
  • Hit the Wall Cast and Creative Team was announced this week and I get to be a part of it! I get to assist Joanie - isn’t that cool?!
  • Garrett Reeves smells like armpits.

Thanks for reading
Lots of love


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