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WEEK 9 - Opening Night!
WEEK 9 - Opening Night!
Posted on July 31, 2017 by Kelsey Ervi

I’m sleepy today, bloggers. This has been a long week and I need a nap. Hit the Wall Tech is over and we are about to go into Previews this weekend and then OPENING! WOOO HOOOO! Actually, I’m pretty sure this blog will be posted to my #loyal #fans and #followers on Monday. So, Happy Opening to myself and to you, America.

For those of you who are still following the thrilling saga that is my summer at WaterTower, I have some things to update you on. I have been here for about a month and a half now as an Intern and during that time I have become friends with Joanie, WTT’s Artistic Director, and through our highs and lows (i.e. Her going out of town for a weekend conference, and my having to step into her metaphorical/physical spot in the company, aka I used her computer for a few days), we have become really good friends.

Last week, I made the mistake of saying that we were potentially becoming best friends, but her other best friends retaliated and let me know that the position was already taken. So, as my internship with WTT comes to a close I will be applying for the position of Third Tier Friend of Joanie Schultz. Third Tier Friends are the people you get a drink with if they email you and ask you to…or they’ll call you if their car breaks down on the side of the highway because nobody else in their phone answered. Not that I want her car to break down, but worse things have happened. #thirdtierbestfriend

In other news, this week my Intern #thingz have included scanning sides for auditions, making signs and posters for Hit the Wall, reading some bad plays and some good ones, and bringing chocolate to those in need. Little known fact, non-profit theaters run by a small staff are the #1 leading demographic of “People in Need of Chocolate.”

Also, this week I received a check in the mail for $9. If this is adult-ing, then I am doing AMAZING at it.

I started my other job as Front of House Associate this week, so you can call the Box Office and buy tickets for Hit the Wall and listen to me talk on the phone. I write this asking for your patience and mercy as I try to learn our ticketing system as fast and flawlessly as our Box Office Manager, Kayla, has. The other day when I answered the phone I said, “Hello, this is Tiffany Navarro from WaterTower Theatre” and wanted to melt away for saying my full name to answer the phone. #learning

So tonight is Opening of Hit the Wall! We had an awesome run of Previews this past weekend, ending with a talkback with the playwright, Ike Holter! This is the first time this play is being performed in Texas and we are so thrilled to have him here. Ike has been recognized nationally for his playwriting, including recently being awarded the very prestigious Yale’s Windham-Campbell Prize for Literary Achievement. So it was pretty spanking exciting to have him engaging with our cast and community. Also, we took him to Chuy’s yesterday and he looked generally pretty pleased after the meal. #Chuysmakestheworldgoround

Things I’ve learned this week:

  • Bring a phone charger to work.
  • Eating alone at a sushi bar at 11:30am is fine, you deserve it.
  • Joanie thinks dipping pizza in ranch is creepy.
  • Hit the Wall is making people smile, laugh, cry, and think. COME SEE IT!

Happy Summer.
Miss you already.
Think of me.
Thinking of you.


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